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  • Five Benefits of Having Your Guest Post Published

    by Charlie Adams

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    Maintaining your blog is time-consuming and challenging. It can be a lot of fun, but it requires a lot of work. With all the effort you’re putting into writing posts and engaging with readers, writing guest posts for other blogs is a distant thought in your mind. Why create content for another blogger when you have your own stuff to worry about? Even though guest posting seems like something you just don’t want to take on right now, there are lots of reasons you should make the time for it. Here are the benefits of having your guest post published and why you should try to do it now.

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    Five Benefits of Having Your Guest Post Published

    Direct Traffic

    When you write a guest post, the host blogger will provide a link back to your blog for you, and they’ll usually include a short bio about you. This exposure is great for your blog. When the host blogger’s readers enjoy your guest post, a lot of them will go to check out your blog. Hopefully in the process you’ll earn some new faithful readers after you impress them with more great content on your own site, but you’re pretty much guaranteed to see increased organic traffic and clicks.

    Show of Credibility

    Guest posts are a great way to demonstrate your authority in your niche, to your readers and to the rest of the world. When your post is accepted by other bloggers, especially big names in your niche, it shows that your opinions are worth noticing. Host bloggers are posting your content for a reason – because it’s good enough to share with their own readers and offers valuable information that’s relevant to the niche.


    It’s easy to think of other bloggers as your competition, and in a lot of ways they are. But it’s never a bad thing to have a good relationship with other bloggers, even when you’re competing for readers and top spots in the search engines. Your guest posts will help you connect with other bloggers, and they can be the foundation for a mutually beneficial relationship. Positive communication with other bloggers can only help you in the long run, especially when you’re doing favors for each other in the form of guest posting. For that reason, don’t be afraid to return the favor and publish a guest post on your blog, too.


    It can be difficult to constantly think of new ideas for your blog and turn those ideas into quality posts. Guest posting can give you some valuable experience that will help you improve your writing. Practice makes perfect, and sometimes the exercise of writing for a different audience can help sharpen your skills and even inspire you with fresh ideas.

    Link Building

    Even though search engine algorithms are constantly changing, having a lot of backlinks to your blog is still a good way to increase your search engine optimization. Guest posts will give you meaningful, genuine backlinks, which will help prove to the search engines that your blog is worthy of a good place in the search results for your niche.

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