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  • 5 Reasons Your Business Needs a Blog

    by kathy cady

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    A lot of business owners have come to realize the importance of incorporating blogs to their businesses. But why do you think this is so?   If you don’t have a blog just yet, here’s a look at some of the most important reasons why you need to utilize blogs for you own business venture.

    5 Reasons to start your business with a blog

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    Marketing and Promotion

    The first and most important reason why you need to include blogs to your business is for marketing and promotional purposes. Through blogging you will be able to openly talk about your business and you can also include some advertisements that will be helpful in letting people know that your business exists. Likely, when you blog, you can encourage people to check out your services and try out your products and actually purchase them.

    Quality Content

    Another reason why blogs are important to your business is because it is aimed at generating quality content. When you blog with quality in mind, you can easily talk about the whereabouts of your business, including the new things and information that might be useful for its success. Of course, through quality content and keyword optimization you will also be able to increase your readership and later on even increase your sales.

    Quality content is not only going to show the public that you know what you’re talking about, but it’s also going to inform and educate your customer, which they can appreciate!

    Traffic Generation

    As mentioned earlier, through blogs you will be able to generate traffic to your site and you may also have the opportunity to be ranked on the highest spot by Google and other search engines. When your business gets regular amount of high traffic and your business becomes more searchable, chances are you can get ahead of your competition and this is made possible by simply incorporating blogs to your website.

    So think of this example for a second.  Let’s say that you work on air conditioners for a living.  You could talk about the new gadgets, such as thermostats, the different types of units, the pricing and more.   So when someone searches for that information, there could be a good chance that they land on your blog, if you optimized it properly for search engines.

    Interact Online

    When your business has a blog, you automatically give it a more personal and direct approach that all customers really like. When you create content that are primarily centered on helping your customers decide on their purchases and choice of products, you can easily interact with them and develop a working relationship with them. As a result, you will be able to benefit from word of mouth advertising and more.   So the next time a customer has a question, they can ask and hopefully receive an answer from you.  This sure beats picking up the phone!


    By incorporating a blog into your business, you open your business up to critics and positive feedback. Make sure that when you blog you include an option wherein readers can comment on what you have to write because this is a good way of getting immediate and direct feedback from the people you are serving. Don’t worry because comments can be filtered and requires approval from your end first before it gets posted into your site.

    So now that you have an idea on what are some of the five best reasons why blog is important to any type of business, make sure to incorporate it into your own business now and when you do, you will immediately notice the difference it can provide for the success of your business and so much more. Remember, it’s important that as business owner, you get on the bandwagon and try everything to grow your business, and remember, building a blog isn’t going to cost you a fortune!

    This guest post was written by Kathy Cady works for the website HowMuchisit.org. If you also want to write for Techtonicsinfo, Please visit our guest author guideline at write for us

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    avatar Amol @ ConnectAmol December 3, 2012 at 10:09 am

    Yes, you’re right !! if we want our business goes up then we should maintain our blog with regular posting and proper promotion. blog commenting and guest posting are the best say to stay connected with blog and get more quality traffic. Thanks for sharing.


    avatar TheOpenion December 10, 2012 at 12:59 pm

    Nice article kethy ,

    Very informative and really cool information provided . keep sharing such grate content


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